Stop smoking with hypnotherapy, helping clients in Mayfair, Tunbridge Wells & Online

Stopping smoking can be one of the hardest things to try to do on your own using will-power and even with Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Maybe you’ve tried it already, maybe more than once, and have found that you get irritable and bad-tempered, have mood swings, cravings, and put on weight. There’s often an emotional attachment too, which makes it hard to let go. It can be a real struggle and can affect your confidence, as there’s a nagging voice in your head telling you to stop. You know it’s bad for your health, and that it’s costing you a lot of money, and it makes your clothes and hair smell, and you have to stand outside in the cold to get your fix, but somehow it’s too hard, and that can make you feel like you’ve failed, which makes you feel even worse.

When someone makes the decision to stop smoking, a lot of the work is about changing the routine and any limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind about what smoking means to you. Breaking an addiction can be hard on you, you’re letting go of something that’s been part of your daily life for a long time, but the feeling of being free and back in control is even better. I understand this, and it’s so rewarding seeing my clients in Mayfair and Tunbridge Wells lighter and happier having stopped the behaviour that was taking over their lives.

I am an accredited practitioner with the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST). With hypnotherapy I can change how you think about your smoking addiction by getting to the core issue and clearing the triggers, then helping you to be better equipped to manage your life without tobacco, with the right mindset and motivation.

Hypnotherapy can help you do this quickly and with lasting results. In fact, in research done by Which? and New Scientist magazines, hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most effective method to stop smoking, better than Nicotine Replacement Therapy or counselling or trying to go “cold turkey” and give up on your own. So don’t struggle on your own any longer, I will help you to stop.

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