Testimonials from Dolina's clients

Sugar addiction One hypnotherapy session.! Having had Hypnotherapy several times to get rid of my sugar addiction, you are the only hypnotist who has successfully stopped me craving sugar.

Recent client with a sugar addiction.
Recent client who couldn’t cry following a traumatic and emotionless childhood. She had one session of hypnotherapy with me and can now happily cry. She went on to say that it released something internally and crying is no longer a problem

Recent Client with Traumatic and Emotionless childhood.
Golf Performance Confidence The big difference I found was that at no time did I ever feel unconfident when standing over the ball. Which is something that has never happened before. Even when my technique failed me I was able to stay calm and play the next shot without fear. I felt so much more at home on the course. The next step is to go and work on golf technique further on and off the course whilst putting this confidence and skills you have given to their fullest use. I’m a happy bunny.

Hypnotherapy for Golf confidence, another one session client and a brilliant result!
Travel Sickness I used to have horrible travel sickness on most transport (with sea sickness being the worst) and had a week long sailing trip this summer I didn’t want to miss, so I got in touch with Dolina for a session. She was incredibly helpful with a comprehensive phone consultation beforehand to make sure she got all of the details surrounding my situation and we booked in my session. I have since been on the sailing trip and had an incredible time with no nausea at all thanks to Dolina.

Recent Client
Amazing what hypnotherapy can do! One session of Hypnotherapy for #iceskating #confidence my clients feedback: I’ve just had my ice skating lesson and my coach could see a real difference. I felt so much more confident especially with different turns. #dolinahypnotherapy @dolinahendry love this work.

Ice Skating Sports Performance Client
Emotional Eating I’m really happy with the results, as I’m less reliant on food to manage any type of #emotions. I haven’t eaten or wanted to eat chocolate or sweets.

Recent Client
One session for arachnophobia: I feel there has been a definite improvement in how I have been experiencing things- I still sometimes have a bit of a startle reflex when i think i see something out of the corner of my eye (which so far has been nothing) but it is more of a muscular jerk and i do not feel that rush of adrenaline that i usually do, which means that i tend to move on from these occasions easily and not think about them for any length of time after. I also feel more comfortable in my room and flat, less of me checking around constantly.

I must say in terms of non spider related stress, I have certainly felt an improvement even though that was not the main focus of our session, and I am very grateful for that so thank you! I have been able to take it easier and not feel guilty or worried about what might happen with my work and I definitely was not like that prior. But thank you, I am sure you hear it often but you have certainly had an impact and I am very grateful.

Recent Client
15 year old who suffered with panic attacks and self harming. Feedback from her parents. One session of hypnotherapy and this is the result. I’ve actually been almost afraid to celebrate in case it was a blip in the system and just a co-incident. But I’m just so grateful and delighted with the changes. As I said, not everything is rosy but the about-turn is undeniable. So a huge thank you for your input and support. I’m totally invested in this as a way forward.

Recent Client
It was while walking to the station this morning that I realised that for quite a while now I have had no anxiety issues. I can now also manage to go from my journey home to the office (around 2 hours) without stopping for a toilet. This also means that my IBS has abated. I feel so much better and having the escape from the anxiety is amazing.

I managed the trip to Australia and New Zealand pretty well considering that we drove around NZ a lot and they have a lot less service stations than we do here. I’m going to be emailing the IBS society and giving them feedback too - it was their website that gave me the reason of looking for hypnosis in the first place.

So a big thank you from me for helping me deal with an issue that was starting to become debilitating. I feel like I have my life back.

Recent Client
I think I have recommended seven people to you now - all of them with success.... one of them has hugged me in the street (like it’s anything to do with me?!!!).

But the fact is, you are clearly very gifted so no thanks necessary - you are changing peoples lives for the better and I can’t believe I found you by luck on the internet!!

Recent Client
I have waited a few weeks to email you as I wanted to be sure of the result before I did. So far, it has been incredibly positive and her difficulties and resulting anxiety has gone.

She is able to look at minor cuts and grazes but more importantly she can fully partake in her science lessons at school and look at images and diagrams. Her sister fell over and grazed her elbow and she expressed sympathy and helped to get a plaster etc. Before her therapy with you she was not able to do any of that.

I cannot express how grateful her father and I feel. It has totally transformed her life and that has a huge impact on her life and our family life. I have my fingers firmly crossed that it continues and does not come back again. I will keep you updated but thank you so much for all you have done.

Recent Client
For a number of years I have suffered from both depression and anxiety to the point where I would make excuses not to go out, Id shut myself away and not speak to anyone, which in turn meant I started pushing those closest to me away. I was constantly looking for approval from people and never ever felt good enough, whether it be at work, within relationships or friendships and it was eating away at me on a daily basis, the battle with myself was exhausting!

I am extremely blessed to have had a great upbringing, a successful career and a loving partner so from an outsiders point of view I really didn’t have anything to be depressed about. A number of years back I finally caved and asked for help from the Drs, I am a very proud lady and it took A LOT for me to put my hands up and admit that I wasn’t coping. He put me on anti depressants, and I took these every single day for around 2 years. Every 3 months they would get re-prescribed without anyone really speaking to me about what the underlying problem was.

After 2 years I decided enough was enough, I didn’t want to be on these pills any more, I didn’t want them masking how I really felt but the only real way I could do this was by doing it myself. With the power of good nutrition, exercise and cutting a few toxic people out of my life I managed to come off them completely, and although I felt better, the anxiety was still there…… which is where the lovely Dolina comes in :)

I am actually friends with her amazing daughter Abi who recommended her to me, and I knew I really had nothing to lose….. I couldn’t live like that forever! It was starting to affect my relationship with my partner and I couldn’t let that happen, he means the absolute world to me. Dolina was so incredibly welcoming, honest, open and I felt 100% comfortable telling her everything.

I was convinced that the depression and anxiety had been triggered off by a volatile relationship I was in when I was in my 20’s, but was absolutely shocked to realise that it actually went back to an event that happened when I was11! The experience for me was one I will never forget. Since the treatment I have not had any flare ups of anxiety at all, I am more confidence both within myself and within my relationships and I have my motivation back!! I honestly can not recommend Dolina enough to anyone who has anxiety or depression, and I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me. It’s like she has released me from my own internal prison and Ive finally got my freedom back. Thank you x

Sarah Braysher
Dolina helped my son with his confidence in his sport and his academic work. After his hypnotherapy with Dolina he was noticeably more confident and he commented that he doesn't feel nervous at all when standing up and talking in front of the class and he is also noticeably more confident in his own ability to succeed in his various academic subjects. His sport was the main reason we contacted Dolina as he is very talented but had recently lost a lot of confidence but the first gain after his hypnotherapy he was voted man of the match for his school team and the following Sunday he set up 6 goals for his Sunday side. I would not hesitate to recommend Dolina if you feel your teenager needed help with their confidence with sport or any academic work.
From the start of this year I had been having problems at work, especially with some life changing news which resulted in me become more angry and having a short temper. I visited Dolina for a few times and she helped me see things more positively and made me calmer and happier, through hypnotherapy and NLP. This has now resulted in a positive change in my mind and my soul. I am now more relaxed and my anger has gone and I'm more calmer about things and can handle situations with ease. Thank you Dolina. xxx
I was so excited to tell you, We took an uber which lasted 40 mins - over speed bumps and various twists and turns including a few emergency stops.... and he was absolutely fine - I'm not sure he could believe it himself?! Once we'd arrived and get out of the car, I asked him how he felt - and he said, I don't know? In shock more like.... he didn't tug on his seat belt at all.... which is how it normally starts.... we are all ecstatically happy!!!!!! Can't thank you enough..... actually on our way home now in another uber!!
This was the response from my client, following this enquiry.. We have tried everything over the counter, sea bands, eating, not eating, sitting in the front/middle of car.... Plus medication from GP. Not sure how much detail you need at this point but it really dominates his life - he is unable to travel by car or bus or coach - we've just pulled him off a school trip to France next year. He also plays for a local football team which means travel of some distance most weekends I should add, my son is not a child who indulges himself and hates the attention it brings. :-)
I visited Dolina with a fear of Bees and Wasps and basically anything flying in the corner of my eye or buzzing past my ear! After a couple of sessions I have changed from not having windows open, eating outside on an nice sunny day, or enjoying being outside on a sunny day in general, to now visiting open gardens, sitting outside and eating at bbq's and having my car windows open without fear of crashing should something fly in. I can now walk past bushes covered in flowers and feel in control like its nothing! I no longer freak out and panic! I was initially sceptical about seeing a 'hypnotherapist........hmmmmm, we will see sort of person, but having been through the process with you I would recommend you and hypnotherapy to anyone who needs help. You really have changed my life Dolina! Thank you so much!

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