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London, Tunbridge Wells & Online Hypnotherapy Specialist and NLP Practitioner

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” Buddha

It only takes one turbulent flight or one car accident to develop a fear which can then turn into anxiety or a phobia, one stumbled speech or bout of stage fright to shake your confidence. Or perhaps you want help stopping smoking or have a better nights sleep? Hypnotherapy and NLP can help.

Hypnotherapy and NLP work on the principle that by going straight to the root of the initial fear or belief, you can eliminate your phobia and boost your confidence often more quickly than with other types of therapy.

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Hypnotherapy and NLP work on the principle that by going straight to the root of the initial fear or belief, you can eliminate your phobia and boost your confidence often more quickly than with other types of therapy.

Gain confidence and success?

When we feel confident, we accept ourselves and believe in our abilities. Hypnotherapy can help you build your confidence and achieve success, by tapping into the subconscious mind so that lasting change takes place.

Gain confidence

Cure your phobia?

Many people have phobias like fear of closed-in places, spiders or a fear of flying. Hypnotherapy can help individuals to deal with the particular object or situation more calmly by identifying the cause of the phobia.

Banish your phobia

Suffering from anxiety?

Hypnotherapy for anxiety works by changing your associated thoughts and feelings and so it helps you to reduce your anxiety levels, boost your confidence and self-belief, while reducing feelings of fear and intense worry.

Anxiety relief

Want to stop smoking?

Despite nearly 100,000 people dying from smoking-related illnesses each year, one sixth of adults still smoke. Many people who have struggled to stop smoking find hypnotherapy the most effective way.

Stop Smoking

Struggling with addictions?

If you are dependent on a particular substance or activity to get through daily life, it is quite likely that you have an addiction. Hypnotherapy is particularly useful in helping you to tackle the root of the problem.

Addiction help

Help with managing your weight?

Tried and failed to lose weight before? It can be very frustrating and linked to feelings of stress, low self-esteem and boredom. Hypnotherapy can help you develop a positive relationship with food and exercise.

Lose weight

Need help sleeping?

Do you suffer at night with restless leg syndrome, sleepwalking, bruxism or insomnia? Using hypnotherapy to understand and change patterns of behaviour can help with these sleeping disorders and more.

Back to sleep

Manage your pain?

Chronic pain, such as dealing with arthritis and fibromyalgia, can be complicated to treat and hard to live with. Hypnotherapy helps you manage the stress and fear that often go hand in hand with pain and injuries.

Pain relief

Client Testimonials

Dolina helped my son with his confidence in his sport and his academic work. After his hypnotherapy with Dolina he was noticeably more confident and he commented that he doesn't feel nervous at all when standing up and talking in front of the class and he is also noticeably more confident in his own ability to succeed in his various academic subjects.

His sport was the main reason we contacted Dolina as he is very talented but had recently lost a lot of confidence but the first gain after his hypnotherapy he was voted man of the match for his school team and the following Sunday he set up 6 goals for his Sunday side. I would not hesitate to recommend Dolina if you feel your teenager needed help with their confidence with sport or any academic work.

I visited Dolina with a fear of Bees and Wasps and basically anything flying in the corner of my eye or buzzing past my ear! After a couple of sessions I have changed from not having windows open, eating outside on an nice sunny day, or enjoying being outside on a sunny day in general, to now visiting open gardens, sitting outside and eating at bbq's and having my car windows open without fear of crashing should something fly in.

I can now walk past bushes covered in flowers and feel in control like its nothing! I no longer freak out and panic! I was initially sceptical about seeing a 'hypnotherapist........hmmmmm, we will see sort of person, but having been through the process with you I would recommend you and hypnotherapy to anyone who needs help.

You really have changed my life Dolina! Thank you so much!

My teenage son was suffering from anxiety and struggling with becoming a teenager. He recently put on weight and was very conscious of this and believed his body was ugly and would not even remove his blazer in school. He was also a performer and had not been on the stage for a year since because he had lost his confidence.

He has only had one session with Dolina so far and he is now much more confident, takes his blazer off in school, he sang a solo song at the year end concert, he is more active and positive and he is actually losing weight because he is not even thinking about it and focusing on the future. With the stress of trying to understand how to deal with a teenager, this was a very soft approach with a very large impact and influence on my son.
Thank you Dolina and we will be back for another session soon.

From the start of this year I had been having problems at work, especially with some life changing news which resulted in me become more angry and having a short temper. I visited Dolina for a few times and she helped me see things more positively and made me calmer and happier, through hypnotherapy and NLP. This has now resulted in a positive change in my mind and my soul.

I am now more relaxed and my anger has gone and I'm more calmer about things and can handle situations with ease.
Thank you Dolina. xxx

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