Hypnotherapy for pain and pain management, helping clients in Mayfair, Tunbridge Wells & Online

Chronic and persistent pain can be exhausting to live with, as I've seen with my clients in Mayfair and Tunbridge Wells who have turned to me to help them manage their pain. It wears you down, and can make you irritable and stressed. Perhaps you suffer from pain from an old injury, or have to manage an ongoing condition such as migraine or arthritis. Sometimes the cause of the pain is not even clear, and seems to have no obvious trigger, it’s just there as an ever-present shadow, stopping you from enjoying your life to the full. When you’re in pain, your body tenses up, which can make it feel worse, or shift the discomfort to another area. In a way, your mind tenses up too, and stress and anxiety are also common side effects. How the mind responds to pain is linked to the physical sensations you have, so when you’re not relaxed, it can feel like your pain is worse, and this can be frightening too.

The good news is that hypnotherapy and NLP are often recommended for those coping with long-term pain because they focus on the link between the mind and the body. With my training, I can help you reduce the stress, relax and change how you think about your pain. I look at how you can manage the fear and anxiety related to your pain, rather than trying to convince you that the pain doesn’t exist, and this can make a huge difference to how you feel. The techniques I use also help reduce stress and anxiety as they relax the nervous system which means it becomes less reactive to pain.

Perhaps you are afraid of needles, or allergic to medication, so you can’t manage your pain with traditional painkillers, or don’t like taking pills and are looking for an alternative. Or maybe you’ve tried painkillers and they don’t really help your condition. If you’re ready to try a different approach, hypnotherapy can help manage pain for all sorts of different conditions. I work with patients in palliative care, to make them more comfortable, with people suffering from post-operative pain to ease their recovery, or with old injuries that flare up without warning or are taking a long time to heal. I also help alleviate phantom limb pain, as well as recurring pain from arthritis, the often debilitating pain of migraines, and a whole host of other general aches and pains.

My approach is to make your symptoms more comfortable to live with and work with the stress and fear that often go hand in hand with pain and injuries to teach you to think about it in a different way and techniques to help you relax. I want to see you enjoying your life again, without your pain being the constant shadow over it.

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