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You are getting sleepy…

When you hear the word hypnosis, you may picture a mysterious hypnotist as popularised in books, films and television. 

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Emotional stress is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Hypnotherapists have been aware about this link for a long time. Good to see that the scientific community are catching up

In this first study to link regional brain activity to subsequent cardiovascular disease, amygdalar activity independently and robustly predicted cardiovascular disease events.  Read more here...

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World Mental Health Day - Depression will be leading global illness by 2030 if urgent action isn't taken

If urgent action isn't taken Depression will be the leading global illness according to the mental health foundation... and Heads Together the charity led by three royals aims to change the conversation on mental well-being . Men in particular find it difficult to talk about issues that they are going through according to BBC South East.

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Type 2 diabetes costing NHS 10.3 Billion a year

Diabetes epidemic facing the country, especially prevalent in children, when 16 years ago it was unheard of in the UK according to a recent Panorama programme.

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Reported on NBC News, Smoking Permanently Damages Your DNA, Study Finds.

According to a report as reported by NBC News - smoking scars DNA in clear patterns, researchers have found. Most of the damage fades over time — but not all of it.

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New reports finds that anxious men are 'twice as likely to die from cancer'.

As reported in the Independent newspaper, men who suffer from severe anxiety are more than twice as likely to die from cancer as men who do not, a major new study has found.

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