Hypnotherapy for confidence and performance issues, helping clients in Mayfair, Tunbridge Wells & Online

Lots of people suffer nerves before an important event like giving a speech in public, or a presentation at work, going to a job interview, or a sports competition. A little bit of adrenalin can actually help improve your performance, as it makes you more alert, but for some people, the stress becomes too much and it can build up into stage fright, or your mind going blank, or even a panic attack, where you might feel sick or experience shortness of breath and dizziness. I've been helping clients in Mayfair and Tunbridge Wells become more confident and boost their self-esteem for many years. I understand that lack of confidence in your own ability can have a serious effect on your work and home relationships, your social life, and limit you from achieving everything you’d like to achieve.

It could be that, like a phobia, your fear of public speaking, or performing on a stage be it music or acting, happened suddenly after a single event where you stumbled or forgot your lines. This made you feel embarrassed and exposed, feeling that everyone was looking at you. Maybe you wanted to stop and run away, but you had to carry on, and so your brain now associates those situations with negative emotions. Or your lack of confidence could be down to low self-esteem. This is often a pattern established in childhood, with a parent or teacher constantly telling you what you’ve been doing wrong and how you should be doing things, instead of encouraging you and praising your strengths. After a while, your mind translates these criticisms into “not good enough”, you stop believing in yourself and develop a lack of self-worth that holds you back from reaching your full potential.

I can help you think yourself a more confident person, able to face the situations you would normally be nervous about or believe you can’t succeed at. I have spent 11 years understanding people and what makes them tick, successfully finding people jobs by helping them perform better at interview, restoring their confidence and pride in themselves and their achievements. By using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques I help you challenge the negative thinking pattern and unlearn your thought processes that are telling you you are no good or can’t do it. After we have worked together you will stand tall and full of confidence to face situations you previously avoided or dreaded. You will feel strong and able to achieve everything you set out to.

Using hypnotherapy to improve performance in public speaking, interviews, sport, music, acting on the stage, and at work. It helps concentration, so it also helps when revising for exams or studying. I can help you visualize yourself to success, and this has been proven to improve motivation, confidence, determination and enthusiasm, and most of all it increases your self-belief. If you find your lack of confidence holds you back in any of these situations, give me a call and let me help you believe in yourself again and give you your life back.

  • Giving speeches and public speaking
  • Presentations, meetings or pitches at work
  • Job interviews
  • Networking
  • Meeting new people
  • Musical performances
  • Acting and stage fright
  • Sports performance
  • Exam stress
  • Self-esteem

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